Friday, June 23, 2017

Faded Jeans

I have a too short jeans problem

I used these three different washes to lengthen my style.

Long pants for the win!

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Super Easy Dress to Skirt Refashion

I had an adorable pink, gray and black color block dress. But I found I had stopped wearing it because it felt a little bit too short and because it was strapless I felt like I was constantly pulling it up.

Like with anything in my closet that sits unworn for long periods of time, I consider if I want to eliminate it from my wardrobe or simply change it. The dress had fantastic pockets and I really wanted to keep it, so I decided to turn it into a skirt.
I basically just removed the bodice part, shortened the zipper and finished the top of my new skirt waistband. It dropped the skirt enough to make it a totally comfortable and appropriate length that I decided to wear it to the office.
Here's the side by side:

To learn more about how I changed up the skirt and why I call it the "prevailing pink skirt," check my blog at

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thrifted skirt to top πŸ‘˜


A basic blouse πŸ‘˜ is a must have in every wardrobe, that's why I want to show you this little tutorial πŸ”– on  how to make a super easy blouse which will be not only good looking πŸ‘± but also extremely comfortable. 

Skirt Before :
My fabric before πŸ‘‰ big skirt with lovely pattern in beautifuwarm colors , it's 100 % viscose so I will be able to wear it also during summer 

  during work πŸ‘Š

here πŸ‘‡ you can see how ready blouse πŸ‘• looks like on human being , it's very comfortable 
the fabric is 100 % viscose so I can wear it even during hot summer , 
I think I will make  2 ✌ more of those but this time I'll use silk and make different necklines


 Love ,

The Donut Shirt

Hello Refashion Co-op. I made a donut shirt recently after seeing a DIY on Pinterest. You can see the original post here

I used a basic white shirt to start with. My mom handed-it-down to me. (Thanks Mom!) I covered the shirt to protect it while I was painting. I painted some light brown paint around the collar as the cake of the donut. It dried over night.

I added some bright pink as the icing. I painted heavily so it covered the white shirt fully. I let that dry too.

I added some colorful little dabs as sprinkles on top. It dried over night again.

I had a lot fun making this. I wanted it to be cute but not clownish.

What is on my wrist?

I made a bracelet to go with my shirt. It was basically the same process as the shirt collar.
Here is my finished donut bracelet up close.

Thanks for reading, for more pictures and details go to I Can Work With That.

A Navy and Cream Skirt

Next in line from my Mom's stash of dresses was this cotton/poly navy and cream dress.  I liked the print and the button detail on the front skirt portion.  I decided to give it more versatility, though, by cutting it in half and making a skirt first, with a top to follow.

It was a pretty straight forward refashion.  After cutting it at the waist and removing the elastic, I made a new waistband from the lower portion of the bodice.

I just gathered the skirt and attached it to the new waistband.

I also shortened the length by about 6 inches.

I didn't have a matching button, so I opted for a fun vintage button from my stash.  I actually like that the waistband button stands out from the rest.

I paired it with a dark denim jacket for a casual look.  Oh, and the best part....the skirt has pockets!!!

Watch for more refashions of my Mom's vintage dresses on my blog, Second Chances by Susan!  Thanks!

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